Postpartum Doula Support

Adding a new life into your family is hard. I get it. I’ve done it 4 times, and each time I wondered how I would manage to have enough love and time for another child. I worried that we had made a huge mistake and wondered how we could possibly fit another completely dependent person into our lives. I am only one person – how could I possibly be responsible for so many little people? 

 It was all too much.

The transition to parenthood does not always come easily. It can be a struggle to adjust with a new baby, especially if you already have children. Without sufficient support, postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety have the perfect environment to flourish. I know, I’ve fought postpartum depression myself and I’ve come out the other side.  

Guess what? 

You don’t have to feel like you’re juggling 20 different balls in the air while also trying to heal! You can be present in those moments and not worry about all of that other stuff!  You can build your confidence and say good-bye to all that parent guilt. It’s true! All you have to do is ask for help. 

It’s simple really. 

An extra set of hands to help, an extra set of ears to listen, an extra heart to love and nourish all the people in your family, and the knowledge of all things baby and birth that an Edmonton doula has can make all the difference in how the Fourth Trimester feels for you. 

Edmonton doula

The Fourth Trimester can be such a challenging time. The first months can seem overwhelmingly dark and stormy as you attempt to figure out both this new person in your life and all of the changes that a baby brings. 

Nobody should have to struggle alone! Let me build your confidence and help you adjust to having another little person in your life. 

I provide:
  • Unbiased emotional support. Those postpartum hormones are a roller-coaster. Cry, laugh, yell. I can take it. And I promise to keep any hormone filled rants to myself.
  • Unbiased educational support. Not sure what the newest recommendations are? From feeding to car seats, I've got you covered.
  • Hands on help for light household duties. Need a load of laundry folded or dishes done? I've got it.
  • Child care for older siblings while you bond with your new baby. From reading to sensory activities to playing outside. I'll keep them entertained.
  • Care for your baby while you reconnect with your older children. Help them adjust to their new normal with some 1-1 attention.
  • Care for your baby while you care for yourself. Need to take a shower or just have a few minutes alone? I'm an expert baby snuggler.


The Sleep Package

Signature offering!
Postpartum plan
40 hours of in-home overnight postpartum care, even for breastfeeding families!
(10 pm – 6 am OR 9 pm - 5 am)

The Baby Bundle

Prenatal, labour, and postpartum care
Birth plan and postpartum plan
Birth doula support
12 hours of postpartum in-home care
(additional hours at $27/hr)
Hours may be used for overnight support

A La Carte

Hourly in-home day time care as you need
(minimum 3 hour shifts)


12 hours of in-home care
Postpartum plan
(additional hours at $29/hr)
Hours may be used for overnight support


24 hours of in-home care
Postpartum plan
(additional hours at $28/hr)
Hours may be used for overnight support


50 hours of in-home care
Postpartum plan
(additional hours at $27/hr)
Hours may be used for overnight support
Includes small comfort gift.

*Special rates apply for multiple babies. Please ask!

**Consults are always free!